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Klimaire is one of the youngest and fastest growing manufacturers of mini and multi-split type air conditioning and heat pump systems, in the world. Quick to recognize the potential and eager to participate as a major manufacturer in this industry, Klimaire has been continuously expanding both its manufacturing and distribution operations at a very fast pace since its founding. Today, its manufacturing operation has spread into several fully equipped factories located through the Globe.
Klimaire head offices are located in sunny Miami, Florida, which serves as a major export hub for distribution. The majority of the South American, Central American, and Caribbean nations are served through Klimaire Miami distribution center.


  Klimaire stands firmly behind each
and every product it manufactures for its superior quality and outstanding performance, ensuring the total customer satisfaction. All unit must pass through the strictest quality control procedures in every step of the manufacturing process. Since our goal is to achieve maximum customer satisfaction,
we give careful attention to the ideas provided by our end-users; their comments serve us as a guide for the design phase of future units.

  Product distribution is effected through a worldwide network of stocking distributors, each of whom with unsurpassed experience in their field. Klimaire distributors are ready to answer all the qustions and meet with the requirements of their customers, by supplying them with the products, installation and service. The number of distributors is rapidly increasing as the Klimaire brand image gets stronger throughout the world.

  Klimaire wide range of air conditioning and heat pump product line includes: ductless mini and multi-split systems, and ducted central systems for both residential and commercial applications, room air-conditioning units and portable coolers. Components assembled into Klimaire equipment are always of the highets quality. Each product offers higher energy efficiency and superior durability. Through its pioneering technologies, innovative approach, and aggressive product development, users of Klimaire products enjoy the availability of a wide variety of products to fit every need. The ever increasing challenge of designing a high quality product is met by careful attention to every detail during the manufacturing.

Our products work under a variety of climatic conditions
and have proven over time their endurance and resiliency to the extreme heat such as the Arabian Desert as well as the the icy temperatures of the Canadian Rockies. Flexibility, Reliability, and Quality are all considered Priority Number One at Klimaire.


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